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USANA Reset Healthy for Life Program

USANA Healthy for Life

UPDATE 07/08/2015: USANA have advised that the Healthy for Life website has been discontinued. It is therefore no longer available as part of the RESET package of products.

Customers who purchase either the USANA RESET Phase 1 Transform or USANA RESET Phase 2 Maintain products receive as part of their purchase access to the Healthy for Life ANZ Program.

Upon receipt of payment for an order for either of these products we (FCV) will organise with USANA your access (username/password) to the program.

As a member of the Healthy for Life ANZ Program, you will not count calories, weigh food, or restrict calories in your diet. You will not weigh yourself except at the beginning and end of the program for documentation purposes only. Once you have started the program, you will receive weekly trainings from USANA and you will also receive daily practical and motivational emails.

The Healthy for Life ANZ Program offers you a step by step guide in using the USANA RESET™ Program – nutritional supplements and healthy meal and snack replacements. Combining both programs will give you the absolute best chance of achieving your goals.

There are three different phases to the USANA RESET™ Program. We recommend following all three phases, however each phase can be used separately to help with your journey towards a healthier way of life. The 5-Day Jump Start is an intense phase to kick off the program followed by Phase 1 Transform for continued improvement. Phase 2 Maintain will help you consolidate your new, healthier lifestyle.

Once you have been advised of your username and password you can login to the program at

Once you have logged on, be sure to take the Site Tour which will help get you started by showing you all the online features available for your steps towards a healthier lifestyle. You will have a wealth of information at your fingertips, including a personal lifestyle journal, self-health assessment, training articles, healthy low GI recipes, exercise information and many other valuable sections.

Your Lifestyle Journal and Self-Health Assessment will be automatically graded and you will have immediate feedback. Check out the link Grading Your Journal to get started. Filling out your own Personal Lifestyle Journal is the most important aspect of the Healthy for Life ANZ Program. When you begin recording how you are eating, how you are exercising, and how you are taking your supplements, you take those unconscious lifestyle habits and make them conscious.

Enjoy being part of the USANA RESET™ Healthy for Life ANZ Program. One enrolled in the program if you have any queries or feedback please contact the USANA ANZ Reset Support Team at

We wish you every success as you set yourself on the path to a healthier new you!